Venue : Crown Plaza, Gurgaon.

Timing : 06:30PM Onwards...

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  • Events are a part of life. We at House of Prayer believe in making life SPECIAL. Some of the Movers & Shakers we have hosted...

    Yeshua Band
    Yeshua Band

    Indias Most famous band makes its stop at House of Prayer for many years now .

    Vishal Mangalwadi
    Vishal Mangalwadi

    Social Activist Vishal joined us for "Melting Pot" in 2013.


    Bonny Andrews @ the lIveJam Band

    Bonny Andrews is a much sought after speaker and musician. He gives key prophetic revelations to House of Prayer and is eagelry awaited.

    check out his videos →

    Dayanidhi Rao

    One of Indias most versatile vocalist and leading Christian Artist often visits House of Prayer. Chekc this page for his next visit!.

    Check out his latest single→