Fire of the Lord

Fire of the Lord

Posted by: House of Prayer


What is fire for the Lord?
* presence of Holy Spirit
* greater measure of Holy Spirit
* manifestation of power

How can we loose fire?
* without fellowship
* wrong company
* wrong environment
* sin - suddenly extinguishes fire. have pure heart
* complacency/laziness/selfishness
* without fuel (word)
* no fanning of flame/ not actively participating with Lord

Rekindle fire by:
* fresh anointing
* obedience
* boldness in our response to ppl's reaction on gospel
* initial love
* choice to stay in fire
* active choice to confront issues to get it resolved

eg: offense
*rectify sin immediately
*most dangerous is retrospective..milestones have gone. once we r in ditch we realize we r nt on fire
* Daniel was not destroyed coz his prayer life was strong
*Daniel practiced fire of God. he was diligent. even when he was the prime minister he used to go home and pray 3 times.
* storms will come but we need to anchor ourselves. Anchor of 'choice' to do His will
* are u always under borrowed anointing? Lord puts fire on us but we have to receive.

How to maintain fire of God
* spending time with Lord
* doing things that Holy Spirit likes
* do the things that u did at first
* speaking in tongues

Fire Kills the Flies
* staying in anointed fellowship
* praying for Grace from Lord for fire
* being vigilant
be alert, watchful in spirit to perceive trap 
* should not get clouded by becoming busy
* always spend time with Lord. never be busy for Lord
* Lord should be our priority. if yes then it bubbles in us and we speak about the Lord.
* anyone who joyfully talks about Lord is noted in the book of memory